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Insight Shakespeare Plays: Romeo & Juliet (Complete Play) 2nd edition
Shane Barnes & Aidan Coleman
ISBN: 9781925485622
The famous story of two star-cross'd lovers is rediscovered for students and teachers through Insight Shakespeare Plays - Romeo and Juliet. This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide contains the complete play, plus analysis of key themes and historical context such as Elizabethan parties and the Roman Church, as well as a breakdown of vocabulary and language techniques. Group tasks and individual exercises stimulate discussion and encourage students to really engage with the play. Teachers are able to tailor their lessons to students' interests and abilities, whilst addressing key elements of the Australian Curriculum for English.

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Full Description

The play, PLUS
➜ New and updated full-colour design
➜ Easy-to-navigate, detailed text notes
➜ Full-colour illustrations showing historical ideas and concepts, and diagrams showing thematic development
➜ Brief synopsis, character list and key vocabulary at the start of each scene, to orient students to the text
➜ Stimulating historical background information, explanations of themes and techniques, and different interpretations compared and contrasted
➜ Numerous questions and activities for varied exploration of the play, including ideas for performance, creative writing, illustration and analysis.

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