Flash of Inspiration

by Maddison Weeks

I’m turning 16 years old next month in July and I just don’t know what to do with my future. Everyone else has their whole life planned out, they are going to be a scientist, married, famous or an actor. But me, Betty Lodge, is the only 15 year old girl at St. Chilli Mountain high school who doesn’t know what to do with their life. The other kid who doesn’t know is a low life, lonely
and depressed boy, named Jackson Smith. He’s basically an orphan because his family died in a car crash, but he lives with his grandmother so at least he does have some family. I do feel bad for him, but I’ve never talked to him, or even said sorry about what happened, wow I am pretty mean. Tomorrow, my goal is to talk to him, make sure that I am here for him.

Right now I’m writing in my secret journal about what crazy dramas happened today at school, and I have to inform you about, Sarah Lock, typical high school bully tried to pour yogurt on her ex-best friend, until it backfired and she tripped over someone’s bag and landed on her face and
arm, which she broke. It was pretty funny at the time, and everyone was laughing, I think I even saw Mrs Coal and Mr Potato laugh. While I was looking back at the moment, my mum knocked on the door. “Hey kid, your dad and I are about to head off to the drive in, want anything while we’re out?” I shake my head. “Ok, be safe and lock the doors please”. Mum walks away and I get up and look out the window to see Dad getting in the car and turning it on and Mum getting in the passenger side and driving further down the driveway. We live on a farm and we’re the only farm in the town, our town is called Flowdale and it’s your typical normal town. Small shops, police and fire station, doctors, schools, cafe, and a newspaper office, so you can tell that everyone gets bored of this town. This is one of the reasons I don’t know what to do with my future because I don’t get any inspiration from this town or my peers. I walk to the front door and lock it shut, and while I walk to the back door, I see a shadow moving in the window and it’s
moving closer and all I think about is running to the back door locking it. I sprint to the door and I’m seconds away when the strange black shadow is running towards the door now, I’m stressing as I run to the door, and as soon as I snip the lock, they try to roughly open the door and I run to every place they could get in, the windows and doors, I close the curtains and run to my bedroom, close the window and lock it as I dial the police station. My eyes close as they take years to pick up the phone and as soon as they answer, kind of relief flows through my body.

“Flowdale police station, what’s your emergency”?

“This is Betty Lodge…Someones trying to break into my house and I’m locked inside my bedroom, please you have to help me!” Tears start falling down my cheeks and I see them drop onto my carpet. I hear the window smash open and someone scrambling in and grabbing anything in their path until the TV is now on and they’re listening to the news and flicking
through channels and I just sit here quietly. It’s been 5 minutes, I’ve blocked out all the sounds around me and that’s when my life flashes before my eyes as someone starts pounding on my door, and I start to scream.

All I think is that, I never want this to happen to anyone else and that’s when I realize what my future is. Protecting my family, friends and everyone and I won’t stop until I have to. I cry my eyes out as my door gets kicked down and rushes in with my parents, my mum crying her eyes out as well and my dad is swelling up as they both hug me the tightest they ever have. All I think
about is being safe and protecting my family and doing that by being a police officer. I walk outside to look around. Disgust is what I feel at the moment.

2 years later and I’ve graduated and moved on with my life.

5 years later and I’m a fully trained police officer, and everyday I risk my life trying to save those around me and I love it. This all happened because of the break-in.