Insight Issues: Junior Years
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Insight Issues: Junior Years
Insight Issues: Junior Years Insight Issues: Junior Years
By Melanie Napthine & Robert Beardwood
Digital: $14.95 | Print + Digital: $24.95
Available: October 2019

Insight Issues: Junior Years
is based on the highly successful Insight Issues: For and Against and aims to give junior secondary students an accessible introduction to argument and persuasive language.With clear explanations and relevant examples, the book provides a strong foundation for understanding, analysing and producing persuasive texts throughout the secondary-school years.The book features:

  • Work units based on engaging texts about contemporary issues
  • Scaffolded activities that develop students’ analytical and written skills progressively
  • A variety of text-creation activities, supported by writing tools such as word and phrase banks, sentence starters, cloze exercises, templates and models.
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Insight Issues: For & Against
Insight Issues: For & Against Insight Issues: For & Against
By Melanie Napthine & Marie Rimpas
Print + Digital: $24.95 | Digital: $14.95

Aimed at students in Years 9 and 10 and providing excellent preparation for senior English studies, Insight Issues: For & Against focuses on understanding and analysing argument and persuasive language.Each of the book’s eight units begins with two texts that present opposing points of view on an issue. A variety of exercises and activities develop students’ skills in writing analytically about argument and persuasive language, and in presenting their own point of view. Each unit focuses on a different aspect of persuasive texts and introduces metalanguage in an accessible and purposeful way.

The book features:

  • Eight work units, based on a range of stimulating and engaging persuasive texts
  • Scaffolded activities and exercises designed to progressively develop analytical and writing skills
  • Extension questions and activities
  • One unit focused on presenting a point of view, both orally and in writing, drawing on knowledge and skills developed throughout the book.
Argument & Persuasive Language 2nd edition
By Sandra Duncanson & Claire Warr
Print + Digital: $36.95 | Print: $26.95 | Digital: $17.95

Insight’s two Key Skills for Senior English titles combine the informative benefits of a textbook with the practical applications of a workbook. They build students’ confidence and skills progressively, leading to stronger written and oral assessments in Units 1–4.

Key Skills for Senior English: Area of Study 2
takes a step-by-step approach to developing students’ understanding of the ways in which persuasive language and argument techniques work together to present a point of view. This holistic approach to Area of Study 2 is supported by a wide range of text types about interesting, up-to-date issues.

The book features:

  • Well-scaffolded activities and exercises to suit a range of abilities
  • Step-by-step approaches to each outcome, including SAC and exam tasks
  • Annotated sample responses with assessor comments.
Argument & Persuasive Language 2nd edition
By Melanie Napthine
Print + Digital: $45.95 | Print: $35.95 | Digital: $24.95

Insight’s Argument & Persuasive Language provides comprehensive coverage of Area of Study 2 of the VCE English/EAL course and can be used from middle years and retained until Year 12. It covers the analysis of argument and of persuasive language in a variety of media texts, supported by stimulating activities that progressively develop students’ analytical skills.

The book features:

  • An integrated approach to the analysis of argument and persuasive language
  • Clear and accessible explanations of all key knowledge, including metalanguage
  • Engaging explanations, activities and practical support, including word banks, sentence starters and model sentences, showing students how to write analytically about argument and persuasive language in a holistic way
  • Media texts of all types on a range of engaging and contemporary issues
  • Guidelines and models for comparing argument and persuasive language in different media texts on the same issue
  • Strategies and guidelines for presenting a point of view and writing a statement of intention
  • High-level sample responses with annotations
  • An exam practice chapter with sample exam scenarios.