Insight Writing Competition 2018 - Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered the Insight Creative Writing Competition 2018. Congratulations to all the winners.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
First Prize: Nina Clayton Dowling First Prize: Mia Gionfriddo First Prize: Emma Maertens
Second Prize: Jasmin Al-Chami Second Prize: Silvia Grannas Second Prize: Emily Zhang
Third Prize: Sophia Gregorevic Third Prize: William Honey Third Prize: Fay Haralambopoulos
Highly Commended: Harvey Lam Highly Commended: Aurora McDonald Highly Commended: Kathy Doan
Highly Commended: Isabella Shashian Highly Commended: Joni Schlechta Highly Commended: Madison Evans
Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
First Prize: Matthew Chan First Prize: Keely Brown First Prize: Kate Alfano
Second Prize: Amy Zainal Second Prize: Ilanda Tran Second Prize: Noa Abrahams
Third Prize: Mia Babatsikos Third Prize: Hanqing Li Third Prize: Chamudi Wijetunga
Highly Commended: Hayley Coulter Highly Commended: Tanisha Dooley Highly Commended: Apoorva Madanu
Highly Commended: Ashleigh Dowling Highly Commended: Clementine Geary Highly Commended: Jack Skinner
Iris Breuer Writing Award
Isabella Shashian