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Practise & Prepare for Senior English
Daily Language Practice Books 1 and 2
Insight Issues: Junior Years
Literature Handbook

Practise & Prepare for Senior English
Insight Practise & Prepare for Senior EnglishPractice & Prepare for Senior English
By Robert Beardwood & Melanie Napthine
Print: $24.95

Aimed at middle years students, Practise & Prepare for Senior English combines the practicality of a workbook with the comprehensiveness of a textbook to provide targeted preparation for the study of VCE English in senior years.

Students will develop a strong foundation for future English studies, gaining fundamental knowledge and skills through engaging and accessible activities, step-by-step guidelines for writing in a variety of forms and annotated examples.


  • Word banks, sentence starters and writing models to develop students’ writing skills
  • Guidelines and models for writing analytical, creative and comparative responses to texts
  • Strategies and worked examples for the analysis and creation of persuasive texts.
Daily Language Practice Books 1 and 2
Insight Daily Language Practice Book 1

Insight Daily Language Practice Book 2

Daily Language Practice Books 1 and 2
Print: $19.95 each

Supporting the Australian Curriculum for English, Insight’s Daily Language Practice series is designed to reinforce the key skills of grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension through targeted daily exercises.Aimed at students in Years 7 and 8, Daily Language Practice Book 1 and Daily Language Practice Book 2 are the perfect supplementary resources for students at a range of skill levels.

Ideal for daily warm-ups, homework tasks or informal assessments, the variety of exercises across each title cover a wide range of topics to engage students and make learning the fundamentals of English approachable and interesting.

Clearly and logically structured, each book in the series helps to develop proficiency in the interrelated strands of language, literature and literacy through scaffolded activities and questions, and allows students to practise these key English skills independently, either in the classroom or at home.

By encouraging frequent focused practice, Insight’s Daily Language Practice series helps students to rehearse and retain core English skills, solidifying their foundation for further studies.


  • Forty weeks of ten-minute daily activities that develop grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills
  • Varied text types and engaging topics for reading comprehension tasks
  • A wide variety of activity types, including NAPLAN-style questions
  • Progress charts to help identify areas for improvement
  • Vocabulary sheets to track and reinforce retention of new words
  • Complete answer sheets, available online.
Insight Issues: Junior Years
Insight Issues: Junior YearsInsight Issues: Junior Years
By Melanie Napthine & Robert Beardwood
Digital: $14.95 | Print + Digital: $24.95

Insight Issues: Junior Years is based on the highly successful Insight Issues: For and Against and aims to give junior secondary students an accessible introduction to argument and persuasive language.

With clear explanations and relevant examples, the book provides a strong foundation for understanding, analysing and producing persuasive texts throughout the secondary-school years.


  • Work units based on engaging texts about contemporary issues
  • Scaffolded activities that develop students’ analytical and written skills progressively
  • A variety of text-creation activities, supported by writing tools such as word and phrase banks, sentence starters, cloze exercises, templates and models.
Literature Handbook: A guide to literary analysis
Insight Literature HandbookLiterature Handbook: A guide to literary analysis
By Robert Beardwood
Digital: $34.95 | Print + Digital: $54.95

Insight’s Literature Handbook: A guide to literary analysis is a comprehensive and accessible reference book for middle through to senior secondary-school students of English literature. It introduces the essential knowledge and skills for analysing the traditional literary forms of novels, short stories, drama and poetry. It also includes chapters on analysing film and literary nonfiction.

The Literature Handbook also explains and models the ways in which a range of theoretical frameworks can be used to create different readings of literary works, making this book a versatile and practical resource for all literature students.


  • Definitions of the main terms and techniques used by writers of novels, short stories, plays, poems and nonfiction, and by creators of films
  • Hundreds of examples from a wide range of texts, including excerpts from prose fiction, drama and poetry
  • Explanations of the features and conventions of a range of literary forms and styles, such as romanticism, realism, modernism and postmodernism
  • Guidelines on how to write a close analysis of a passage or poem, and complete sample essays
  • Models of critical approaches to literature, including an overview of the main literary theories
  • A literary time line from ancient Greece to the present and a comprehensive glossary of literary terms for quick reference.