Study Plans for English: Year 10 – Digital format

As methods of learning continue to evolve, Insight Publications has looked at how best to provide teachers and students with reliable and adaptable resources that cater to a variety of student circumstances. Insight Study Plans have been specially designed to offer students easy and affordable access to English learning.

Insight Study Plans provide ten-week sets of complete English lessons that students can work through independently or under teacher or parental supervision.

Drawing from a variety of best-selling Insight English resources, each week’s plan is equivalent to a week’s worth of classroom content and helps students to develop and reinforce key English skills through engaging and scaffolded activities. A clear outline of the tasks to be completed on each school day eliminates the need for guesswork for both students and teachers. Also included are online charts that indicate Australian curriculum content for each week.

Supporting the Australian Curriculum for English Years 7–10, Insight Study Plans provide students with focused, uninterrupted learning wherever they are.


  • Ten weeks of complete English lessons in one easy-to-use resource
  • Scaffolded activities that develop students’ skills progressively
  • A wide variety of activity types
  • Curriculum charts showing links to the Australian Curriculum for English, available online
  • Answers to many questions, available online.

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Insight Study Plans is a single-user product. You may not reproduce or communicate any of its content, including any downloadable files, without the permission of Insight Publications.

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