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Insight Publications is proud to announce its inaugural annual writing competition that aims to ignite a passion for creative writing in secondary school students and inspire the voices of the future.

Express your creativity and be in the running to share in over $3000 of cash prizes!

Starting Sentences and Themes
All stories for Years 7 - 10 must begin with the starting sentence given for each year level. All stories for Years 11 and 12 must be written to the given theme.

Starting sentences
Year 7: "The storm outside was monstrous."
Year 8: "If I squinted and held the paper at just the right angle, I could make out a faint outline..."
Year 9: "Sometimes, on our way home from school, we'd see him walking towards the bush."
Year 10: "They say I've been sleepwalking again. They say I keep going back to the same place."

Year 11 & 12: "Making the Most of Life".

To Enter
To view all details regarding the competition, including prize money, entry criteria and how to enter, please download the Entry Form and Terms and Conditions here.

To enter, just fill out the entry form, and scan and send it back along with a Word doc version of your story to, or print it out and post it with a hard copy of your story to us at 3/350 Charman Road, Cheltenham, VIC 3192.

Year 7 - Winner Prize: $300
Year 7 - Runner-up Prize: $150
Year 7 - Highly Commended Prize: $75

Year 8 - Winner Prize: $300
Year 8 - Runner-up Prize: $150
Year 8 - Highly Commended Prize: $75

Year 9 - Winner Prize: $400
Year 9 - Runner-up Prize: $200
Year 9 - Highly Commended Prize: $100

Year 10 - Winner Prize: $400
Year 10 - Runner-up Prize: $200
Year 10 - Highly Commended Prize: $100

Year 11 - Winner Prize: $500
Year 11 - Runner-up Prize: $250
Year 11 - Highly Commended Prize: $125

Year 12 - Winner Prize: $500
Year 12 - Runner-up Prize: $250
Year 12 - Highly Commended Prize: $125