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Film Analysis Handbook - OLD EDITION
Thomas Caldwell
ISBN: 9781920693770
The most comprehensive reference for English and Media/Film Studies students and teachers in Years 9-12, is popular as a class or booklisted reference text in schools and colleges around Australia and internationally.

A must in every school library. Shortlisted for the Australian Publishers' Association award for best educational publication in 2006.

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Full Description

  • Explores all aspects of film and film analysis in a dynamic, totally accessible style
  • Excellent strategies and models for writing on film
  • Over 160 full-colour photos illustrate all the key terms and filmic techniques
  • The text progresses from technical aspects of film to sections on genre, narrative and intertextuality.


  • One-stop reference book for all types of film study that students will thoroughly enjoy - great photos, content that's accessible and clear but also in-depth
  • Film examples and generic approaches that don't date, but build on the students' own viewing experiences and knowledge.


"Finished reading your 'Film Analysis Handbook' today. Exemplary clarity and succinctness & a great reference book." - #bowsdown

"The latest and best reference for Film as text." - The Australian Children's Television Foundation

"The Film Analysis Handbook book arrived today and it looks every bit as good as you indicated - informative, incredibly comprehensive, accessible and very attractive layout, packed with very practical and rich visual exemplification of everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-film!" - Ronnie Davey, New Zealand Association for the Teaching of English (NZATE)
"Written by a true film buff, I think this book offers a freshness missing from so many of the film books in our staffrooms." - Belinda Bower, Australian Association for the Teaching of English (AATE)

"I've just finished reading the Film Analysis Handbook from cover to cover and want to tell you I think it's excellent." - Teacher at Open Training & Education Network (OTEN)

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