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English Exam Guide - Area of Study 1 (OUT NOW)
Robert Beardwood & Melanie Napthine
ISBN: 9781925485288
Insight's English Exam Guides are practical and comprehensive resources for Area of Study 1 and Area of Study 2 in the end-of-year VCE English examination. From time management during the exam to proofreading responses, the English Exam Guides cover all the knowledge and skills required for success in each of the exams.

1. Two high-level sample essays(with tips and annotations) on each List 1 text (40 in total)
2. Two high-level sample essays(with tips and annotations) on each List 2 comparison pair (16 in total)
3. One high-level sample essay(with tips and annotations) on each EAL designated text (8 in all)
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Full Description

➜ Explanations of the exam criteria and advice on addressing them
➜ Overview of the key knowledge and skills for each Area of Study
➜ Tips and strategies for revision
➜ Advice on planning and structuring effective exam responses for each section of the exam
➜ Sample Section C tasks with annotated mid-range and high-range sample responses
➜ Strategies for improving introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions to create strong, high-scoring essays, with examples and models
➜ Assessor advice about the qualities that make a strong response stand out
➜ Information about common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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