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VALUE PACK - English Language for Senior Students + English Language Exam Guide (Print + Digital)
ISBN: 9781925316957

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FEATURES: English Language for Senior Students
  • Explanations of all metalanguage from Units 1-4 of the current English Language Study Design
  • Spoken and written language samples from both formal and informal registers to provide context for metalanguage exercises
  • An easy-to-navigate format, with metalanguage organised into subsystems, mirroring the Study Design
  • An index for efficient access to metalanguage explanations.
  • Exercises to test students' understanding of the metalanguage, with accompanying answers
FEATURES: English Language Exam Guide 3rd edition
  • A student guide to preparing for all components of the English Language exam
  • three sections corresponding to sections A (short-answer questions), B (analytical commentary) and C (the essay) of the exam
  • Numerous tips for exam success
  • sample high-level answers, analyses and annotated essays
  • an interesting range of text types such as radio transcripts, blogs and speeches.

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