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Insight Text Articles 2018 (Digital Only)
ISBN: 9781925485547
Insight Text Articles are written by experienced teachers and writers who are experts in their field. Each 5000-word article provides a succinct yet detailed introduction to a text or text pair, giving students a strong understanding of the essential elements for interpreting and responding to their texts.

Insight Text Articles 2018 includes an article on each text and text pair on the 2018 VCE English/EAL text list.

Insight Digital products cannot be printed and can only be accessed through the Insight Digital application.

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Full Description

Each article includes the following:
  • An overview of the text or texts, explaining background and context as well as important features of genre, structure and language.
  • A detailed analysis of characters and themes.
  • Sample topics and an analysis of a sample topic.
Insight Text Articles 2018 includes an article on each of the following texts and text pairs. The individual articles can also be purchased separately by clicking on the links.

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