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Photograph 51 / The Penelopiad - Digital Only (For 2019, Out in Sep - Oct 2018)
Sue Sherman
ISBN: 9781925778090

Written by experienced teachers and writers, Insight Comparisons are invaluable resources for Area of Study 1: Reading and comparing texts in the current VCE English Study Design. Each title provides a comprehensive guide to a pair of texts, including a detailed study of each text's key features and a close analysis of their shared ideas, issues and themes.


  • Detailed explanations of characters, settings, narrative, language, genre and structure in each text, facilitating detailed understanding and analysis
  • In-depth discussion of a range of ideas, issues and themes explored by both texts, including comparison of their different perspectives and values
  • Guidelines for writing a comparative analysis, including approaches and structures
  • Sample essay topics and a complete sample response.

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