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Insight English Handbook
Robert Beardwood, Melanie Napthine & Michael Pohl
ISBN: 9781921411878
The Insight English Handbook is a comprehensive guide to 5 key areas of English study:
  1. Grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary
  2. Thinking skills
  3. Writing skills
  4. Literary skills
  5. Media literacy
An indispensable reference book for students and teachers at all secondary levels. Information is presented in clear, straightforward language, supported by definitions, lively examples and practical models.

GREAT VALUE - a book to support English studies throughout secondary schooling.
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Full Description

  • Each section progresses logically from fundamentals to more complex content
  • The section on Thinking skills develops critical and creative thinking
  • Examples and models engage students in a diverse array of interesting and relevant subjects.
  • Covers key areas of English in one handy resource
  • Builds English skills and knowledge in structured and practical ways
  • Supports the Language, Literature and Literacy strands of the Australian Curriculum for English.

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