Practice Questions for Units 3 & 4

Insight’s Practice Questions are perfect for reinforcing knowledge and skills, developing confidence and proficiency as students work through their courses for Units 3 and 4. Questions are taken from Insight’s long-running and trusted series of Trial Exams, the Practice Questions also provide excellent revision material to help students prepare for their final exams. They include hundreds of questions accompanied by fully worked solutions with mark allocations explained, and enable students to work independently in either classroom or at-home contexts.

Each Practice Question topic is available via a classroom licence for just $1.00 per student per topic, and is delivered straight to your inbox as a PDF. If you would like students to purchase these resources individually, they are available from our website for $5.95 per topic.

The Practice Questions are:

  • Conveniently divided into topics across Units 3 & 4
  • Modelled on the range of question types in the end-of-year exam
  • Ideal for testing and consolidating knowledge as each topic is completed
  • Available for quick digital delivery.

Practice Questions are available for the following subjects:

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Business Studies
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Other subjects
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Further Maths
Maths Methods
Specialist Maths
Business Management
Legal Studies
EAL Section C
English Section C
Food Studies
Health and Human Development
Physical Education



SubjectTopicNumber of questions
BiologyUnit 3 AoS 1: How do cellular processes work?136
Unit 3 AoS 2: How do cells communicate?103
Unit 4 AoS 1: How are species related?86
Unit 4 AoS 2: How do humans impact on biological processes?63
Unit 4 AoS 3: Practical investigation22
ChemistryUnit 3 AoS 1: What are the options for energy production?194
Unit 3 AoS 2: How can the yield of a chemical product be optimised?124
Unit 4 AoS 1: How can the diversity of carbon compounds be explained and categorised?123
Unit 4 AoS 2: What is the chemistry of food?114
Unit 4 AoS 3: Practical investigation12
PhysicsUnit 3 AoS 1: How do things move without contact?108
Unit 3 AoS 2: How are fields used to move electrical energy?24
Unit 3 AoS 3: How fast can things go?811
Unit 4 AoS 1: How can waves explain the behaviour of light?52
Unit 4 AoS 2: How are light and matter similar?47
Unit 4 AoS 3: Practical investigation63
PsychologyUnit 3 AoS 1: How does the nervous system enable psychological functioning?318
Unit 3 AoS 2: How do people learn and remember?508
Unit 4 AoS 1: How do levels of consciousness affect mental processes and behaviour?228
Unit 4 AoS 2: What influences mental wellbeing?93
Unit 4 AoS 3: Analysis and evaluation of a practical investigation147



SubjectTopicNumber of questions
Exam 1Exam 2
Further MathsData Analysis 1: Investigating data distributions206
Data Analysis 2: Investigating associations between two variables and modelling linear associations165
Data Analysis 3: Investigating and modelling time series data123
Recursion and financial modelling 1: Recurrence relations, modelling linear and geometric growth and decay, interest and depreciation75
Recursion and financial modelling 2: Reducing balance loans, annuities, perpetuities, amortization tables101
Recursion and financial modelling 3: Using the finance solver72
Matrices 1: Matrices and their applications164
Matrices 2: Transition matrices85
Networks and decision mathematics 1: Undirected graphs and networks114
Networks and decision mathematics 2: Directed graphs136
Geometry and measurement 1: Measurement and trigonometry188
Geometry and measurement 2: Spherical geometry62
Graphs and relations 1: Construction and interpretation of graphs176
Graphs and relations 2: Linear programming73
Maths MethodsArea of Study 1: Functions and graphs8145
Area of Study 2: Algebra794
Area of Study 3: Calculus152210
Area of Study 4: Probability and statistics263
Specialist MathsArea of Study 1: Functions and graphs5105
Area of Study 2: Algebra393
Area of Study 3: Calculus16136
Area of Study 4: Vectors6104
Area of Study 5: Mechanics283


Business Studies

SubjectTopicNumber of questions
Business ManagementUnit 3 AoS 1: Business foundations6
Unit 3 AoS 2: Managing employees7
Unit 3 AoS 3: Operations management8
Unit 4 AoS 1: Reviewing performance – the need for change8
Unit 4 AoS 2: Implementing change7
EconomicsUnit 3 AoS 1: An introduction to microeconomics: the market system, resource allocation and government intervention114
Unit 3 AoS 2: Domestic macroeconomic goals154
Unit 3 AoS 3: Australia and the world economy114
Unit 4 AoS 1: Aggregate demand policies and domestic economic stability66
Unit 4 AoS 2: Aggregate supply policies11
Legal StudiesUnit 3 AoS 1: The Victorian criminal justice system7
Unit 3 AoS 2: The Victorian civil justice system5
Unit 4 AoS 1: The people and the Australian Constitution2
Unit 4 AoS 2: The people, the parliament and the courts6



SubjectTitleSetNumber of scenarios
English Section CUnit 3 Area of Study 2: Analysing argument14
EAL Section CUnit 3 Area of Study 2: Analysing argument13


Other subjects

SubjectTopicNumber of questions
Food StudiesUnit 3 AoS 1: The science of food2214
Unit 3 AoS 2: Food choice, health and wellbeing911
Unit 4 AoS 1: Environment and ethics711
Unit 4 AoS 2: Navigating food information25
Health and Human DevelopmentUnit 3 AoS 1: Understanding health and wellbeing8
Unit 3 AoS 2: Promoting health and wellbeing13
Unit 4 AoS 1: Health and wellbeing in a global context7
Unit 4 AoS 2: Health and the Sustainable Development Goals3
Physical EducationUnit 3 AoS 1: How are movement skills improved?1112
Unit 3 AoS 2: How does the body produce energy?57
Unit 4 AoS 1: What are the foundations of an effective training program?12
Unit 4 AoS 2: How is training implemented effectively to improve fitness?1111


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