Daily Writing & Editing Practice Book 1

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Supporting the Australian Curriculum for English, Insight’s Daily Writing & Editing Practice series is designed to develop and reinforce students’ writing and editing skills through targeted daily exercises.

Aimed at students in Years 7 and 8, Daily Writing & Editing Practice Book 1 and Daily Writing & Editing Practice Book 2 help to develop proficiency in the interrelated strands of language, literature and literacy, and allow students to practise these skills independently, either in the classroom or at home.

Clearly and logically structured, each book in the series presents students with a variety of text types and includes scaffolded activities that guide them to produce a piece of writing in that genre. Editing activities focus on grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and expression, and teach students how to revise their work to produce a polished final product.

By encouraging frequent focused practice, Insight’s Daily Writing & Editing Practice series gives students the tools to become confident and courageous writers and helps to prepare them for NAPLAN and beyond.


  • Forty weeks of ten-minute daily activities that develop writing and editing skills
  • A range of text types and engaging topics
  • A wide variety of activity types
  • A daily checklist to help monitor progress
  • Writing and editing checklists
  • Complete answer sheets, available online
  • Curriculum charts showing links to the Australian Curriculum for English, available online.