Guide to Writing: A student toolkit

Aimed at middle-years students and supporting the Australian Curriculum for English, Guide to Writing: A student toolkit is designed to equip students with the tools they need to become capable and confident writers. Combining the comprehensiveness of a textbook with the practicality of a workbook, the text explores the four main types of writing: imaginative, persuasive, interpretive and analytical. Each section in Guide to Writing focuses on a different type of writing and includes strategies, techniques and activities to develop and hone students’ writing skills.


  • A logical structure, with sections on the four main types of writing, as well as a section on editing and rewriting that guides students in refining their work
  • Concise explanations of the key features of each type of writing, with ideas and tips to help students produce complete pieces
  • Annotated text examples covering a range of text types and engaging topics
  • Scaffolded activities and exercises designed to develop students’ writing skills progressively.