Othello 2nd edition

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Developed and written by leading teachers and Shakespearean specialists, each text in the Insight Shakespeare Plays series contains the play text as well as detailed background notes and a wide range of questions and activities. Shakespeare’s techniques and conventions are explained thoroughly and accessibly, and key vocabulary is defined throughout, giving students confidence with the language. Brief synopses and ‘Before you read’ notes before each scene guide students in their reading, while graded questions after each scene enhance understanding and lead to higher-level explorations of language and ideas.


  • Accessible text notes on each page of the play text
  • A brief synopsis, character list and key vocabulary at the start of each scene, to orient students to the text
  • Stimulating historical background information, explanations of themes and techniques, and different interpretations compared and contrasted
  • Numerous questions and activities for varied exploration of the play, including ideas for performance, creative writing, illustration and analysis.
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