Selected Poems-Sylvia Plath – Insight Text Guide

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The Insight Text Guide Sylvia Plath’s Selected Poems analyses the Selected Poems, a collection chosen by Ted Hughes and first published in 1981. The following poems are analysed in some detail:

  • ‘The Moon and the Yew Tree’
  • ‘Mirror’
  • ‘The Manor Garden’
  • ‘Morning Song’
  • ‘The Munich Mannequins’
  • ‘Edge’
  • ‘Face Lift’
  • ‘Tulips’
  • ‘Spinster’
  • ‘The Stones’
  • ‘Full Fathom Five’
  • ‘Little Fugue’
  • ‘Daddy’
  • ‘Ariel’
  • ‘Lesbos’
  • ‘Nick and the Candlestick’
  • ‘Words’